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Helmuffs are cozy patches of fabric ingeniously designed to keep your ears covered and warm on nippy bike rides. You slide them over the straps of your helmet, keeping your ears toasty without making your head too hot. These work best on traditional style helmets.

Helmuffs are made in the best of Portland traditions: they’re made from experienced wool sweaters and castoffs and hand made by me. Cover your ears in warmth and comfort.

They come in two sizes (adult and child) and styles (plain and adorned). Most come with reflective accents (because when it’s cold it’s often dark).

Where can you buy them?

Please contact me through:

Customer feedback:

I bought a pair of your helmet muffs at the bike/craft show last Saturday, and not a moment too soon! It is incredibly cold out there but I did ride my bike to work today and the muffs work excellent. I would love to leave you some positive feedback for your business.

Thanks a million and best wishes in your business ventures!

Beth; Portland, OR

My Helmuffs arrived yesterday and I wore this morning on my bicycle commute to work. My ears were warm and toasty – finally. But my head is now feeling cold - because I'm not focusing on my frozen ears anymore. ;-)

Thanks, Richard; Alameda, CA

[With regards to my efforts to get a gift of Helmuffs to a customer’s granddaughter in time for Christmas]

Thank you for all your efforts; they're really appreciated. I'll be happy to tell my granddaughter how helpful you were and that she should recommend your merchandise whenever she has a chance. That's really good old-fashioned service.

Happy holidays to you at there in the west!

Marie; New York

Just wanted to let you know how much I love my Helmuffs. I was very happy to discover your website because I want to buy more pairs to give to all kids and husband. I see I can get them at [Pedal Bike Tours at] Metropolis bike store so I pedal on over there and pick some up.

Thanks for making such a great product.

Ruth; Portland, OR

I just finished my 2nd ride up Mt. Tabor of the year. On my first ride I couldn’t find the Helmuffs to try them, and had a pretty nice earache by the end of it. But today, I tried the muffs out. And, they made a huge difference. My ears were fine, and I could even ride fast downhill. Normally, I have to go pretty slow just because of the pain in my ears. So kudos to you, girl. I’m a happy boy, and now I can probably ride when its even colder out and be comfortable. Just wanted to share.

Have a great day, Brian; Portland, OR

Sample designs:

Here are some current and past Helmuff designs. Some of these ear covering styles are long gone and can't be re-created. Others I'd be happy to put together again if you don't see it in stock in any of my retail locations.

Helmuffs Designs

a picture Helmuffs with flowers and reflectors

a group shot of Helmuff styles

Helmuffs with visible reflectors